bmqtravel contributed with a Private Reserve Project which goal is Preserving the Glacial Mountains

Social Responsibility - Preserving the Glaciar Mountains

As part of our Social Responsibility efforts, last week we contributed with a Private Reserve Project which goal is Preserving the Glaciar Mountains. 

The first day we hiked through some high plains full of alpacas, vicuñas and llamas before reaching the skirt of the glacial mountain. On the way, we came across some local and endangered flowers. This flowers have medicinal powers, according to the locals who live there. 

The president of the community where the glacial is located, hiked with us along the way. He told us ancient folklore of the area and was specially concerned with the amount of glacial he could see today, versus the amount he saw 20 years ago. 

The mission of the Private Reserve is preserving the glacial mountains for two very important main reasons:

  1. Glacial Mountains work as a great reserve of water that slowly melts and descends through the valley. This makes farming and living possible throughout the year. If this glacials melt, then farmers, animals and the community won’t have water all year long and will depend 100% on rainfall.
  2. Most locals of this area manage livestock (alpacas, vicunas and llamas). This animals have a direct relationship with the wetlands that are directly below the glacial mountains. This wetlands have a high degree of biodiversity and would probably leed to the reduction of this animals, in case they would disappear.

The following video is a summary of the first part of our journey up the mountain to document the flora and fauna in our goal to preserving the glacial mountains.

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