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Choquequirao Trek Packing List

We have prepared this Choquequirao trek packing list: the must-haves to help you plan your trek. We are presenting two packing lists: the “day pack” list and the “porters pack” list.

During the day, you’ll pack with you a small pack that should include essentials only. Porters will gladly take your big pack from campsite to campsite, but we do recommend not overpacking it.

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Choquequirao Trek Packing list: Daypack

Your day pack should be the lightest possible. This is the pack that you’ll carry during the day hikes between campsites. Every pound of additional weight will make the trek more demanding.

  • Water: Stay hydrated! A minimum of 1 liter of water should be packed. Camel packs for water are a great option. During lunch, you may refill it at the campsite.
  • A camera: Phones are a great option. Big DSLR cameras will give you more shot options if you have different lenses. But, remember that the more lenses and camera equipment you take, the more challenging the hike will be. Having this into account, we’re sure that you won’t regret taking all your camera equipment.
  • A light rainproof jacket: Although climate during the dry season is very predictable and normally there aren’t any unexpected showers, we do recommend taking it. We have experience with visitors not having a great time hiking under the rain wet.
  • Snacks: Tour operating companies like BMQ Travel will provide you with very nutritious and energetic snacks. You should include nuts, fruits, a sandwich, and some chocolates or candy.
  • A windproof jacket: Mornings and afternoons may be cold and/or windy. During noon you’ll probably feel really hot, but climate may change very fast. Make sure you take a cozy and light jacket.

This is our Choquequirao trek packing list for your day pack. Talk to your guide before departing as they’ll provide last minute information about other things you should take.

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Choquequirao Trek Packing List: Porters pack

This list is a recommendation of items to include in your big pack, that’ll be carried by porters.

  • Underwear: pack at least one per day. Some travelers may take two per day and change them during lunchtime. We suggest at least one per day.
  • Pajamas or sleeping clothes: pack at least one. They should be warm and cozy. The temperature at night falls fast. Consider what sleeping bag you’re taken to determine the best sleeping clothes.
  • Hiking clothes: take several shirts. Two per day isn’t that crazy. Pants and shorts should also be considered. At least one per day is suggested, but some visitors use the same one for two or more days. If you have leggings or those types of sports underpants, they’re an excellent choice.
  • Socks: take a minimum of one per day. Two also works and will help you stay fresh.
  • Sleeping bag: take the one that fits the climate description. Some travelers take bags for freezing temperatures that make them be too hot at night. Others may take beach sleeping bags that may result in them being too cold. Remember that a good nights sleep will help you have a better trip.
  • Batteries: Very important! There are no charging points after beginning the trek. Take extra batteries or charging devices.

This is our Choquequirao trek packing list essentials for the porters’ pack. You may also include more items, but these are the bare minimum. 

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