Choquequirao Trek Guide-2 your ultimate guide 2019

Choquequirao Trek Guide

This is the Ultimate Choquequirao Trek Guide where you will find lots of useful and practical information. We understand the importance of having up-to-date information before traveling abroad while on vacations or holidays.

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Choquequirao Trek Guide Contents

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About Choquequirao

Choquequirao is the name of “the last Inca Fortress”. This archeological site is similar in structure as Machu Picchu. To date, only 30% of the complex is estimated to be uncovered and available for visits. 

The Choquequirao Site is located on a ridge over the Apurimac Canyon. Some say this is the reason for its success in not being discovered by the Spanish back in 1540. Other say that it was used as the “last Inca Fortress” where the last Inca tried to defend their empire. 

Hiram Bingham, the “discoverer” of Machu Picchu found Choquequirao back in the 1900s. The site began being uncovered in the 1970s. In the 2000s, the Peruvian Government re-started the uncovering operation with more determination.

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Choquequirao Cable Car

There has been a lot of rumors about the Choquequirao Cape Car project. To begin, its true that the Peruvian Government is planning on building a cable car. 

In the words of Proinversion (Peruvian Government Investment Agency): the project consists of the construction of an access cable car system from Kiuñalla (Region of Apurimac) to the Choquequirao Archaeological Park and the construction of its departure, intermediate and arrival stations (Choquequirao Cable Car Project in Proinversion).

Although this is true, in Peru these types of projects don’t keep on schedule and take at least 5 times longer to finish than initially expected. 

We don’t expect the Choquequirao Cable Car operating before 2021.

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Choquequirao Trek Difficulty

From our post, Choquequirao Trek Difficulty and Distance: “Although the Choquequirao Trek doesn’t have high mountain passes, its path has two very challenging points: going down and going back up the Apurimac Canyon to reach the site.” Clic on the post to read all the details.

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Choquequirao Trek 4 days or 5? 

From our post, Choquequirao Trek 4 days or 5: 

If you’re confident in your physical condition at 8,500 feet above sea level, with steep uphill and downhill sections, then you’ll probably optimize time by going on the 4 day trek and visiting briefly Choquequirao.

If you have the time to enjoy a full day at Choquequirao Site, then we truly recommend the 5 day Choquequirao Trek.

Clic on the post to read all the details.

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